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Wedding Packages

Since 2009, Paul and Nancy have  captured over 400 weddings together. Having two highly experienced wedding photographers or videographers gives you the best of two creative individuals, working together to deliver stunning photos and videos. For photo and video packages, our son and other highly skilled and experienced team members join us, providing you with an exceptional team that will capture your wedding smoothly and unobtrusively. We know that every wedding is unique and we'll work to provide the services that you want with our our promise of outstanding customer service and quality, so contact us today and tell us your plans!


Photography Package

Our wedding photography package is an outgrowth of our extensive experience with the cinema side of weddings. We love to capture those wonderful, gorgeous moments of your wedding day!  We primarily shoot in a photojournalistic style to be sure to get photos of every part of your wedding, whether it be small details, tender looks, beatific smiles and laughter, or the grandeur and majesty of your joyous day.  So tell us your plans.  We would love to be a part of your special day. Have an intimate event?  Call us for special pricing.   Our Touchstone Photography Package begins $2,000.

What is included?

2 Photographers (Paul and Nancy)

6 Hours of Coverage or more

      Customize your package by adding the hours you need.

        Additional days offered at a discounted rate

Quick Delivery to your Online Photo Gallery

       3 Days - Highlights Photos Delivered

        45 Days or less - All Photos Delivered

        You can easily share your photos with one click

Highlights Photos 

       100 Highlights JPG Photos, edited in our studio for Color, Exposure,

         Framing and Esthetics, are delivered within 3 days after your wedding.

Wedding Photographs

      1,000 or more High Resolution JPG photos, hand edited in our

         studio, for Color, Exposure, Framing, and Esthetics are delivered within 45

         days or less after your wedding.

Photos delivered online and on a Beautifully Customized Keepsake USB Flash Drive 

Extra Features

     Engagement Sessions

     Photo Albums

     Save the Date 

     Prints and Canvases

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Comprehensive Memories

Photo & Video Package


Our photo and video package has become our most popular wedding package. Your photographs and your cinematic highlights video are delivered very quickly after the wedding. A cohesive team, a unified look, one point of contact, a discounted price for using our services for all your multimedia needs, along with our trademark customer service, make this package perfect for many weddings. Our popular photo/video package is our best value and begins at $4,200.

What is included?

photographers & cinematographers (Paul, Nancy and Tim)

         Additional team members available for larger weddings

6 hours of coverage

         Customize your package by adding the hours you need

         Additional days offered at a discounted rate

Drone (FAA regulations apply)

Quick Delivery to Your Private Online Galleries

           3 Days - Highlights Photos

         14 Days - Highlights Video

         45 Days or less - All Photos

         90 Days or less - All Videos

         All Your Photos and Videos stored privately online for access anywhere,


Highlights Photos

        100+ high resolution JPG photos delivered within 3 days after your

           wedding, edited in our studio for Color, Exposure, Framing and Esthetics

Wedding Photographs

         1,000+ High Resolution JPG photos that are edited in our

           studio for Color, Exposure, Framing, and Esthetics and are delivered within

           45 days after your wedding.

Cinematic Highlights Video

         5-7 minute storytelling cinematic video

         Delivered within 14 days after wedding

             Your input during post production is appreciated!

Full Length, Documentary Style Movie of Each Event

            Edited with all cameras for your viewing pleasure

Everything Delivered Online and on a Beautifully Customized Keepsake USB Flash Drive

Extra Features 

     Engagement Photo Session

      Photo Albums

      Save the Date, Prints, Canvases

      Live Stream Video


Cinema Package


Our Premier Cinema Package is the standard on which we built our business and reputation.  Tim, Paul or Nancy will be with you the entire time, from your prep and ceremony to the reception, filming the big events as well as the powerfully poignant smaller moments that are so much a part of your wedding. Using advanced, multi-camera editing techniques, we weave those beautiful moments into your movies to make a magnificent masterwork, creating a family heirloom that you will enjoy for decades and generations to come.  We know that your wedding will fly by in a blur and that you don't want to forget a moment of it.  Our Premier Cinema Package will showcase your wedding in all of its majesty, tenderness, and joy. Give us a call today and tell us your plans. We would be honored to preserve your wedding memories with our customary elegance, style, and attention to detail. Our Premier Cinema Package begins at $2,500.

What is included?

2 Cinematographers (Tim, Paul or Nancy)

6 hours of coverage

     Additional hours easily added

       Additional days offered at a discounted rate

Drone (FAA regulations apply)

Live Streaming Available (ask for details)

Quick Delivery to Your Private Online Video Gallery

     14 Days - Cinematic Highlights Video

      90 Days - Full Length Movies

      All your videos will be accessible anytime, anywhere

Cinematic Highlights Video 

      5-7 minute storytelling cinematic video

    Delivered within 14 days after wedding

      Your input during post production is appreciated!

Full Length Movies of Ceremony & Reception

    Fully edited with multiple cameras for your enjoyment. 

Videos delivered online and on a Beautiful Customized Keepsake USB Flash Drive


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