What is our style?


Bold, vivid, elegant and relaxed.


Paul and Nancy work together as a team at every wedding.  Two photographers offer twice the creative energy, allowing us to concentrate on capturing both artistic images as well as the action, giving you more photos to enjoy.


We use the latest Sony full frame mirrorless cameras to deliver bold photographs with vivid color to capture exquisite details and stunning imagery.  We edit each photograph ourselves to ensure that you receive the highest quality images that you will enjoy as much in fifty years as you do now.


We prefer simple, yet elegant poses during portrait sessions to help you feel confident being in front of the camera. We’ll help you relax so that your natural smiles and laughter will shine through your portraits, evoking poignant emotions with timeless elegance. 

Give us a call today.  We would love to speak with you and get to know you!

Nancy and Paul

Indian Luxury Wedding Cinematography