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Halaja Productions was founded by Paul Halaja in 2004 and Nancy and Paul began preserving wedding memories in 2009.  Our attention to detail, our passion for creating beautiful images and movies and our commitment to outstanding customer service helped us to become one of the Premier Wedding Photographer/Cinematographer teams in the Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia area.   We specialize in weddings of all faiths, including South Asian, Hindu, Sikh, Muslim and Christian weddings. It has been our honor to have filmed and photographed over 300 weddings in the last thirteen years.


Our extensive experience has given us an understanding of the customs and traditions of many different cultures, making us a great choice to preserve your wedding memories. Although we love to preserve wedding memories, we limit ourselves to no more than 20 weddings per year.  This assures that we can deliver high quality photos and films in a timely manner. 


And we do pride ourselves on our quick turnaround!  For instance, we deliver your Highlights Photos within 3 days and your Cinematic Highlights Video to your Private Online Player within 14 days after your wedding.  You can suggest changes and we'll make them right away!  You will receive all your photos within 45 days and your full length videos within 90 days, depending on the time of year.  


When we aren't capturing awesome weddings, we like to explore new places in our motorhome and travel country roads and trails on our motorcycles.  

Meet The Team

Paul Halaja


Technical, detailed, and determined.  Especially great at organizing group photographs. 



Loves those beautiful moments that make weddings so memorable.



The next generation, talented, outgoing and passionate.

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